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AES & AMS Lunch Page
Harvest Cafe in the Aspen Elementary and Aspen Middle Schools ensures that all students have access to delicious, healthy, seasonal meals in order to grow their bodies, minds and future. All meals are made from locally grown, sustainable ingredients to the greatest extent possible. We also want all students to understand the relationship between food, health, nutrition, cultures, environment, and business; the relationship children have with food will evolve into a circle benefitting not just themselves, but society as a whole.
Lunch Account Balances
Please check your childs lunch account balance and pay any negative charges before the holiday break.  No charging of meals will be accepted from a student who has a $0.00 balance on his/her account. Lunch accounts must be pre-paid; no negative balances will be accepted.  For balance information please contact Karen Price at the AES on 970 925-3760 X 3002 or Jolaine Pfeifer at the AMS on 970-925-3760 X 2005.
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